e mërkurë, 19 dhjetor 2007

New blog floozies




Easier name & shit ya dig. I feel like I'm pulling teeth every time I spell out the name for this shit.

clipse ft jadakiss styles p roscoe p coldchain - im not you

e martë, 18 dhjetor 2007

Whoever this dude Gemstones is he sounds like a young Twista which sure as hell ain't a bad thing.

Lupe Fiasco ft Gemstones - The Die

e diel, 16 dhjetor 2007

Pimp C's last recorded track ?

Three Six Mafia ft UGK - On Some Chrome

e premte, 14 dhjetor 2007

Lupe Fiasco - The Cool (full cd)
the fixxers - smoke 2 much

this cd is going to be nuts, all three songs out are ill

e martë, 11 dhjetor 2007

Krayzie Bone ft The Game - What You Wanna Do

The Game is better than Lil Wayne. No doubt. If that damn CD the two made ever comes out we would see that. Except the Game can't make a hook for his life.

e martë, 4 dhjetor 2007


Pimp C (Half of UGK think Big Pimpin) died last night.. AND Spice 1 is in critical condition. Damn that's sad shit.

So let's bust out some music to make everything happy.

Steven Marley ft Mos Def - Hey Baby

T-Pain - Bartender

T.I. - Chillin With My Bitch

Nappy Roots - Blowing Trees

Game ft 50 Cent - Hate or Love it

Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum

Yola Da Great - I aint gon let up

Young Jeezy ft Akon - Soul Survivor

e hënë, 3 dhjetor 2007

This song is killing it right now..

Collie Budz - Moving On

e premte, 30 nëntor 2007

e martë, 27 nëntor 2007

e shtunë, 24 nëntor 2007

e premte, 23 nëntor 2007

e mërkurë, 21 nëntor 2007

JR Writer ft Lil Wayne - We Gettin it baby

I just like hearing people rap fast.



the only positive out of the U of O vs U of A game?

& pretty much all the new Wu Tang is out but it is shitty quality. i'll put it up when the official shit leaks.

e diel, 18 nëntor 2007

New Outkast song

Outkast- The Art of Storytelling 4
Marco Polo ft Masta Ace - Nostalgia
Mickey Factz - Stop Me
Official song of being hungover..

Atmosphere - Sunshine

e martë, 13 nëntor 2007

black milk & bishop lamont - calitroit

music things have been slowww lately & i try not to post any song just to post it, nothin goes up unless i enjoy it.

e premte, 9 nëntor 2007

fainting goats

e enjte, 8 nëntor 2007

old school, but tell me

If ANYBODY spits heat like AZ...

You know the chronicles the shit that if mama knews

Learned the system burn some ism
Tied my jews down like journalism
How i'mma move now it emerge the wisdom
A pilgrim prophesize puttin words to rhythm

AZ - The Format (Prod DJ Premier (aka the best beats for rap ever))
this song never get sold, even though it is

apathy - it takes a seven nation army to hold us back

e diel, 4 nëntor 2007

e premte, 2 nëntor 2007

e martë, 30 tetor 2007

I gotta say I love some of this new wayne, his album "carter 3 the leak" in deciembre and carter 3 on valentines day. AND the hotboys are getting back together.

Lil Wayne - Pussy, Money, Weed

such a chill song
the offishal.. 15 track full cd

Jay-Z - America Gangster
terry kennedy ft the pack, some other dude - swear they do (prod trav barker)

TK is my dude on skate. on xbox 360. But not really in rap.. at all.

e hënë, 29 tetor 2007

new Project Pat cd

Project Pat - Powder

all three six mafia beats.. jesus he is one dumb out dude though.

Case in point..

Project Pat - Wagon Wheels
Oh jesus. Snoop got an autotuner (think T-Pain)...

Snoop Dogg - Sexual Eruption

e premte, 26 tetor 2007

here you go cathe

atmosphere - sad clown bad summer

atmosphere - sad clown bad fall

for this i used the magic that is " insert artist name - artist album rapidshare " on google.
Jay-Z - American Gangster (full cd)

Damn. American Gangster the movie & album both leaked sucks or Hov & Denzel.

Jay Z ft Lil Wayne - Hello Brooklyn 2.0 is surprisingly good as well..

e enjte, 25 tetor 2007

Hahah I was so drunk last night.

Yeah that new Pack is sick if you like them.
The Pack - Based Boys (the new cd BOIII) or

They got shit with COLLIPARK! not always such a good sign for the boys

They lucky the song they made is pretty much ill.

The Pack - Milky Way
Also they made a filthy remix of it w/ this chick

The Pack w/ Kaya - Milky Way

These dude are seriously going to cake if they get good marketing..

The Pack - Rock n Roll

I'm prolly the only duder not in Europe BUMPIN this leaked shit my girl got a girl too right now.. ya DIG! Young L = every beat off the hook..

The Pack - My Girl Got a Girl Too

The Pack - Fly

The Pack - Backseat

I fucking love every song I haven't heard which means I love like 80% of this dumb out shit... while there isn't quite any anything new thats gets girls goin quite like Candy or quite is as fresh as Vans i'm def stoaked..

e mërkurë, 24 tetor 2007

Dead Prez - Hell Ya (Pistol Pete remix)

Forgot just how sick this song is....
Lil Wayne - Gossip

Best wayne song in along ass time.

e martë, 23 tetor 2007